Monday, 1 April 2013


i escape.

i travel to escape.
i don't go to exotic places of far-off lands.
i just find the need to get out of singapore once in a while.
just the thought of travelling will make me feel "at ease".

i travel as a mom.
that basically means, i do not travel light.
and if i do not bring those wheeled-luggage, those bags are mine to lug around.

i (used to)go for jogs and runs to escape.
i don't clock a certain amount of mileage. 45 minutes of me-time.
that usually suffice. just to get out and go.
no, there is no thinking when i run. or thoughts running through my mind.
as i said, i run to escape.
so why would i let thinking bug my me-time.

i sleep to escape.
so, i do not have those late-nights, insomnia whathaveyous.
if anything, it would probably be hypersomnia. excessive day time sleepiness.

what do i escape from?
basically what everyone else is probably trying to escape from.
from work. from assignments. from issues. from guilt. from family. from friends.
from the past.

let's put what i learn to good use.
and travel because i want to see the world.
and jog and run because i enjoy it.
and sleep because my body is screaming for rest.
and i shall learn to deal with those work, assignments, issues, guilt, family, friends.
and as for the past?
i remember the good times, i usually just verbalize the bad ones.
cos when something or someone is in the past,
it is probably...
for a reason.

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