Monday, 8 April 2013


So, we went to Legoland. Spent the first day of a 2D1N Cabot-Singapore at KSL Resort.

It was the March holidays after all. and i have been putting off this trip for a while. 
seriously, the weather was too unpredictable and i would not want to waste the day there just because it rained. y'know what i mean?

So, saw the deal, E-mailed, booked the ticket and off we went.

If you read the reviews on KSL Resort, the main gripe would be its checking-in process which they will usually cannon to "Computer Systems". 

The agent we engaged got the card to the room at the Coach Pick-Up Point at Ang Mo Kio. (There are a few other pick-up points for other agencies like the one from Singapore Flyer or the one from Orchard.)

So, checking-in was not a problem. Except that, our room was not yet made. :/ So I took the time waiting for the housekeeping staff who were two doors down and started chatting with her when she came. She was so apologetic and I kept on telling her I was mentally prepared for some hiccups anyway. 

We were greeted by this little Lego dragon. Ikhsan looked at it for a total of 4? 5? okay, every time we passed by it, can?

Yes, Ikhsan was pointing to the pool, of course. And there was the Dinosaurs-Themes pool that was open... for viewing. Right...

And, yes. First stop was definitely the pool. Any where we go. If there is a pool, he must literally, test the waters. So, he is very much anticipating the Bali trip. "Private pool" mah~ *roll eyes*

Within minutes he was making friends and I was too frozen to accompany him in the pool. I tell you, he makes friends so easily, he reminds me of, well, me! But ask him, "What's that boy's/girl's name?" And he will tell you, "Alamak! I lupa nak tanya!" or "Tadi dia dah kata. I lupa lah!"

Acam cakap? Nak tengok pon kena bayar. LOL. Okay. But I am sureee when it is open for use, it will be awesome. Seriously. Pay that much for a pool usage. *tsk*

We had a good late lunch at Old Town after swimming.

Ordered the spring rolls
 and then, this... *grins*

Lunch there was soo good, Ikhsan had two meals. The chicken rice and the "Springy Noodle" after I told him, it was probably Maggi Ayam.

I was so tempted to get the Hazelnut Coffee, but I tried their Cendol drink, instead. 

Plus Hazelnut Coffee stash at home masih berlambak. 3-in-1 Coffee snob larh kan. Tried that and got hooked. :/ 

So we went shopping and made Wax Hand and we were just going round the KSL Mall.

He had to "pose" his hand and then dip in into cold water and wax and then repeat a few times. It was kinda fancy. 

And then, the finished product!

I love these kind of hotels - the ones with attached malls. Convenient. There was food, and this being Malaysia, HALAL food galore. And there was cheaper (compared to Singapore) clothes, bags and accessories. 

Ikhsan bought the watch we saw at Yew Tee Point, but did not get, because I told him it was probably too big for his wrist. Apparently not. Some "boxing" pens. He bought a similar kangaroo boxing pen when we went to Sydney.

I got my coffee and we got back to the hotel room after that.

Okay, this was dinner, after our late lunch. In the hotel room. Go hotels must cuba-try-test the Room Service okay. Ikhsan asked for the Grilled Spring Chicken that he, obviously, did not finish. I had the Nasi Gorang Kampung, which, of course, I couldn't finish either. 

Had a good sleep. Sort of. I was caffeine-laden, too full and had trouble sleeping.

Packed, then, we were off.
And since we were with a travel agent, checking out was a breeze too!

I am rattling off in a chronological manner, I am tiring myself trying to remember what happened.

Next entry, would be on that Legoland Trip itself. 

Till then~

goodnight, ehbahdee <3

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