Sunday, 21 April 2013


ikhsan has been asking me to bring him there. and i would rather go there than USS anyway. the chances of ikhsan being able to go on more rides at Legoland kirakan macam worth the moolah spent.
so. i assume there is some kind of crowd control as they asked the number of people on the bus and were recording it down.
the week we went to Legoland was not a M'sian school holiday, so... we were probably surrounded by other singaporeans.
asked around on FB and whatsapp on how i should prepare myself for the trip and so here...
1. comfortable clothings
2. comfortable footwear
3. fan
4. waterbottle (there is no water cooler there though)
5. light snacks
6. cap
7. slap on sunblock manymany
when i did my Google-ing,
park visitors said that there were long queues. it was tolerable.
we started by exploring the Miniland.

and went to the different themed parks.
and at every one of those? rides!

ikhsan's first stop was the driving school.
only children are allowed to queue. no waterbottles, no maps, just them.
this is what ikhsan told me :
they watched a video prior to driving them Lego cars. and got their photo taken. the picture is then to be used for a Driving License which could be purchased at RM25. and yes, it is like our EZ-Link.
there are 3 colour cars. Blue, Red and Yellow.

the cars don't go very fast but it sure reminds me of Road Safety Park at East Coast Park.

ikhsan said it was awesome and so i am happy. hur.

next we went round and met our cousins at another park.
basically nothing much to take note of every other place sooo...
that would be better.
more pictures in another post :))

if i don't procrastinate, that is.

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