Thursday, 9 May 2013


the San and his friends

apparently, there is a boy in school whom ikhsan describe as : a lot of complains for him

so i told him, be his friend then.
if he gets too rough, tell him.
if he bullies, walk away.

so the San was talking about his four best friends.
i asked about that other boy.

he said : that one? i try to be his friend tomorrow.

good luck, ikhsan!~

Monday, 22 April 2013


teaching independence, one task, at a time

i don't really bother about how ikhsan goes about doing his things.
but i won't live forever and he has to learn to be independent.

so, we started off with this.

pasted next to the door.
and on the little table where the flower is, is where i will put the vitamins.

so before we head off to school, i will just shout from the kitchen while i am washing the dishes,

and now, i don't really have to shout that anymore.
just scream when he forgets.

oh, the morning rush.

he is fine with the switching off of switches and plugs before we head off to bed.

so, next in the checklist-all-over-the-house would be
football gear.

talk to you soon!~

Sunday, 21 April 2013


ikhsan has been asking me to bring him there. and i would rather go there than USS anyway. the chances of ikhsan being able to go on more rides at Legoland kirakan macam worth the moolah spent.
so. i assume there is some kind of crowd control as they asked the number of people on the bus and were recording it down.
the week we went to Legoland was not a M'sian school holiday, so... we were probably surrounded by other singaporeans.
asked around on FB and whatsapp on how i should prepare myself for the trip and so here...
1. comfortable clothings
2. comfortable footwear
3. fan
4. waterbottle (there is no water cooler there though)
5. light snacks
6. cap
7. slap on sunblock manymany
when i did my Google-ing,
park visitors said that there were long queues. it was tolerable.
we started by exploring the Miniland.

and went to the different themed parks.
and at every one of those? rides!

ikhsan's first stop was the driving school.
only children are allowed to queue. no waterbottles, no maps, just them.
this is what ikhsan told me :
they watched a video prior to driving them Lego cars. and got their photo taken. the picture is then to be used for a Driving License which could be purchased at RM25. and yes, it is like our EZ-Link.
there are 3 colour cars. Blue, Red and Yellow.

the cars don't go very fast but it sure reminds me of Road Safety Park at East Coast Park.

ikhsan said it was awesome and so i am happy. hur.

next we went round and met our cousins at another park.
basically nothing much to take note of every other place sooo...
that would be better.
more pictures in another post :))

if i don't procrastinate, that is.

Saturday, 13 April 2013



kata-kata kamu tak serupa yang dibuat.
apa yang dibuat tak serupa yang dijanji.
janji yang kosong, manakan boleh ditepati.

bahagia yang diberi sementara sahaja.
luka yang diberi, apa kurangnya?

sering dibela yang ingin menjatuhkan.
selalu dibiarkan yang setia membela.

kata cinta di mulut sahaja.
bercinta setakat untuk mengguna-guna.
"berikan ku semangat, berikan ku masa."
lupakah kamu, masa tidak menyebelahi kita?

bila semua impian rosak sudah,
dipersalahkan setiap gerak dan usaha,
"aku tidak disuka, aku benci sangat!"
niat yang murni disangsi dan dikhianat.

"ini bukan kehidupan ku.
aku tak bahagia!
semua untuk mu!
kau tak menghargai!
kau buta! kau tuli!
namun kau, tak pernah pula aku benci."

aduh, kata-kata ini diulang berkali-kali.
tidak perlu kau kelirukan minda
sakitkan hatiku
rosakkan jiwa

"nyah! semua ku buang demimu sudah!
tiada saudara, tiada sahabat kini
di mana dikau, bila ku mencari?
sibuk dengan hal mu tak sudah-sudah
apa pula dengan halku? semua tak diendah?!"

tak pernah diminta membuang dan mengutip
akal yang diberi diguna lah sekali.

bila ada salah dan tidak menjadi
ke orang lain, ditudingnya jari
diuji, disangsi, diugut berkali-kali
mencari perhatian, menyakitkan hati

adakalanya teman yang lama,
bukan mahu meringankan derita
niat manusia, tidakkan diketahui
mana yang jujur, mana yang iri

ada apanya mereka bersyukur
pagi petang hidup mengeluh

"keluarga ku hancur"
"hidup disisih"
"kecil gajiku, apa nak jadi?"
"masyarakat membenci"
"pemerintah tidak adil"
"pembaharuan? ah! tidak selesa! aku dah memang begini!"

dipujuk, dibelai, disayangi sudah
dipukul, dihentak, ditinggal sudah
menangis, mengamuk, ketawa sudah
ah. apa lagi yang nak dikata.

dimintanya aku tidak lah banyak.
kerja yang tetap, jauhi dosa
jadilah kebanggaan ibu dan bapa
jangan diragu kasih sayang keluarga
usah difikir yang berlalu sudah
ada apa konsep "anak yang tengah"
kasih sayang ibu,
adil sama rata

dirimu itu tidak pernah menjadi mangsa
akalmu yang kacau, sangsimu tak sudah

yang jujur, dikatakan dusta
yang ditolong, "ah! ungkit mu tak sudah!"
"mana ikhlas mu?! mana sayang mu?!"
aduh, ada apa motif ku nak lihat kesusahan pada kamu?

jarum dibuang berkali-kali
menangis, melalak, terpekik-pekik
berulang-kali ku cuba fahami
arak jahanam pula yang dicari

"ah! sungguh jengkel pakaian mereka!
apakah tak malu terdedah segala?!"
kata seperti alim sekali
tapi kata dan laku, beza sekali
hendak dielak haiii... mahu bagaimana?
naluri yang tetap,
"kalau dah lelaki... lelaki juga".

kalau kisahku kau tau sudah
kenapa diulang sejarah yang lama
larinya aku dari yang menyeksa
kini giliran kamu pula menyakiti jiwa

apa sahaja yang hendak dibukti?
hadiah yang mahal tak perlu diberi.
harta dunia yang boleh dibeli?
aku sendiri pun
boleh cari.
tidakkah mahu jadi manusia yang disegani
tidakkah mahu didengar,
"hey, dia sudah berubah, dia tidak terpesong lagi!"

sia-sianya kamu lama di sisi...
apa ku mahu, masih kau tak mengerti
setakat bahagia dan ketenangan di hati.
tak ku sangka, susah untuk diberi

selalu ku fikir kalau ada,
mungkin jadi.
apakan daya, hampalah lagi.
yang terbaik, ku undur diri.
pergilah kamu mencari diri.
mencari gaya hidup yang betul serasi.
sudah cukup aku cuba memahami.
dan masaku yang ada, untuk diriku sendiri.
kekurangan di diriku perlu juga dibaiki.

jauhnya aku dari kau yang aku sayangi
mendekatkan aku kepada Ilahi
kalau jalan mu sudah ke pangkal kembali,
alangkah besarnya hati ku ini.

Monday, 8 April 2013


now, i know i said that the next post would be about Legoland.

this is a TestPost.

from iOS.

now lemesee....




So, we went to Legoland. Spent the first day of a 2D1N Cabot-Singapore at KSL Resort.

It was the March holidays after all. and i have been putting off this trip for a while. 
seriously, the weather was too unpredictable and i would not want to waste the day there just because it rained. y'know what i mean?

So, saw the deal, E-mailed, booked the ticket and off we went.

If you read the reviews on KSL Resort, the main gripe would be its checking-in process which they will usually cannon to "Computer Systems". 

The agent we engaged got the card to the room at the Coach Pick-Up Point at Ang Mo Kio. (There are a few other pick-up points for other agencies like the one from Singapore Flyer or the one from Orchard.)

So, checking-in was not a problem. Except that, our room was not yet made. :/ So I took the time waiting for the housekeeping staff who were two doors down and started chatting with her when she came. She was so apologetic and I kept on telling her I was mentally prepared for some hiccups anyway. 

We were greeted by this little Lego dragon. Ikhsan looked at it for a total of 4? 5? okay, every time we passed by it, can?

Yes, Ikhsan was pointing to the pool, of course. And there was the Dinosaurs-Themes pool that was open... for viewing. Right...

And, yes. First stop was definitely the pool. Any where we go. If there is a pool, he must literally, test the waters. So, he is very much anticipating the Bali trip. "Private pool" mah~ *roll eyes*

Within minutes he was making friends and I was too frozen to accompany him in the pool. I tell you, he makes friends so easily, he reminds me of, well, me! But ask him, "What's that boy's/girl's name?" And he will tell you, "Alamak! I lupa nak tanya!" or "Tadi dia dah kata. I lupa lah!"

Acam cakap? Nak tengok pon kena bayar. LOL. Okay. But I am sureee when it is open for use, it will be awesome. Seriously. Pay that much for a pool usage. *tsk*

We had a good late lunch at Old Town after swimming.

Ordered the spring rolls
 and then, this... *grins*

Lunch there was soo good, Ikhsan had two meals. The chicken rice and the "Springy Noodle" after I told him, it was probably Maggi Ayam.

I was so tempted to get the Hazelnut Coffee, but I tried their Cendol drink, instead. 

Plus Hazelnut Coffee stash at home masih berlambak. 3-in-1 Coffee snob larh kan. Tried that and got hooked. :/ 

So we went shopping and made Wax Hand and we were just going round the KSL Mall.

He had to "pose" his hand and then dip in into cold water and wax and then repeat a few times. It was kinda fancy. 

And then, the finished product!

I love these kind of hotels - the ones with attached malls. Convenient. There was food, and this being Malaysia, HALAL food galore. And there was cheaper (compared to Singapore) clothes, bags and accessories. 

Ikhsan bought the watch we saw at Yew Tee Point, but did not get, because I told him it was probably too big for his wrist. Apparently not. Some "boxing" pens. He bought a similar kangaroo boxing pen when we went to Sydney.

I got my coffee and we got back to the hotel room after that.

Okay, this was dinner, after our late lunch. In the hotel room. Go hotels must cuba-try-test the Room Service okay. Ikhsan asked for the Grilled Spring Chicken that he, obviously, did not finish. I had the Nasi Gorang Kampung, which, of course, I couldn't finish either. 

Had a good sleep. Sort of. I was caffeine-laden, too full and had trouble sleeping.

Packed, then, we were off.
And since we were with a travel agent, checking out was a breeze too!

I am rattling off in a chronological manner, I am tiring myself trying to remember what happened.

Next entry, would be on that Legoland Trip itself. 

Till then~

goodnight, ehbahdee <3

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I think sportsmanship is knowing that it is a game, that we are only as good as our opponents, and whether you win or lose, to always give 100 percent. - Sue Wicks

I mentioned in facebook that being a single mother to a boy is not difficult. ikhsan is not a difficult boy. alhamdulilah.

It is getting myself to understand the minds of a boy and his interests that is.

He asked me how to swim. i signed him up for a one-on-one swimming lesson.

Then, he wanted to play football. I Googled. Came across Fandi Ahmad Academy and signed him up straightaway. Sports can instill values in children and adults alike. And a little bit of sun is always good for children.

It has been a few terms with them. I do not know how much Ikhsan has progressed. All I know is he enjoys going for practices while I get burnt by the Sun.

So, instead of the usual FAA Junior League, H-Two-O had a Football Carnival at ITE AMK.

Fandi made his way down to grace the event and had to leave before the whole tournament ended.

 Ikhsan and his teammates got 1st Runner-Up this time around. Another one to add to his medal collection.

And that, is how I make single parenting easy. Hah! I outsourced what I cannot do and just hope that he learns and have fun as much as possible.

So, Ikhsan, I will stand by the sidelines and cheer you on. Get darker and burnt, but so long as you are still into this, I will sign up another term.

What harm can once a week of football fun do to the grades, aye?